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Welcome to the Xolas Bazaar!


We're Different

Active and Passive Income

Cashflow is king. So our platform is designed to keep the cashflow pumps working in your favour.

We Market You

Without you, there's no us. So we market your products or services in our social media blitz.

Flat Platform Fee

We don't think it's fair for any platform to take a percentage of what your earn. So we don't.


Why us?


Earn Multiple Streams of Income

The global lockdown has affected entrepreneurs most of all. We charge a very reasonable flat fee for membership. That's it. No percentages of what you make, no percentages of your sales.

Since most freelancers and entrepreneurs depend on paying gigs to earn a livelihood, the whole COVID-19 has been a disaster. That's why we set this project up. To help people like us.

How can you earn?

  • Got Skills? Sell your services
  • Got Stuff? Sell your products
  • Got Social Media Savvy? Earn by referring other people's stuff or services
  • Got Legendary Skills? Earn by helping others, through our Mentorship platform
  • Got Free Stuff? People all want logos, templates etc. What about if your designs could earn you royalties by giving it away for free?

Without You there's no Us

Marketing in general is a pain. Social media marketing more so. We do it for you. Free.

With your product or services or mentorship skills, our community thrives. Which brings more clients for everyone. The rising tide floats all boats. By taking advantage of micro-royalties, doing awesome work for your clients, which generate Good Karma, we promote you.

Every week we highlight the greatest successes on our website, not only that, we do a social media blitz with those successes. Any new business goes direct to you. Remember, we only charge a platform fee.


Online Bazaar

Online Bazaar where you can haggle, sell or buy services and stuff

This is no ordinary (yawn) online shop. Here you can barter, haggle, sell or buy anything in the bazaar. Plus as you use it, you earn points.

Real time online and off-line messages

Chat, e-mail and even conference calling

Shh, this our secret sauce. More details later.

Other ingredients in our secret sauce:

  • Kanban Boards for Your Projects
  • Team Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
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    Create an Account

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    Share With Business Partners

    Let them know you're on, and hey! presto! More revenue from your existing clients, because of our sharing economy model.

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    Enjoy What You're Best At!

    If cooking, painting, dancing, coding is your thing, do that! Let deal with your accounts (via our members who specialise in that), marketing and invoicing. Find projects to join, crowd sourcing deals and much more!

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